Tuesday, January 31, 2012

White ......all consuming white ...........

I found white  ,not just the name ,or the beauty,    but    the absolutness     of    it.  I look at white, y head expands  ,taking it in  .I am calm and there's little lights sparkling -like you see at night    looking at the line of the horizon of night lights flickering over a calm dark sea.

I inhale white......white furniture ,white cotton sheets with soft pillow cases  ,my antique white ones  ,the ones that give me comfort for a night of floating . the ones that cover my soft ,soft pillows that I grab on to to centre my head ,the head that  rolls with the weird walk roll .

White sand ,   I coud look at it forever - shining ,shining white ,white , sand with the specks   of gold shimmering all the way to beyond .

Angels ,those ,cute littleangels    you buy    for a      treat I give mine to special little people ,so they can  have my white too ,to guide them xx

So many good and beautiful  things discovered .

My Floating isn't all bad ,

if I can have this .................

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  1. Beautiful floating Kim... love to hear stories from your journey xxx


Thankyou for your comments .I appreciate every one xx