Saturday, January 28, 2012

Floating .......Away from Me ........

I decided today that I am ready to write about my brain tumour ,who  I will call the lump  untill I  have explained more about it .

I floated you know, every night for weeks and weeks ' First remembered time' ...........Imagine lying in bed and closing your eyes and you start, like whispers ,a wee  roll then another  and another ,untill all  the whispery rolls are merging to become like waves and then you are floating ...... I put my hand  up to stop it , but now my head has almost split to the left so one eye  is up and one is down an  alien being  ,  my hand is waving over my head now ,I' m  dancing ,quite beautifully too ,,  now I' ,m rolling to my side and my left side lines up ! yay symetry again ........ but the left is feeling like a tidal wave now and I  struggle to lie flat ....flat  means no floating  for  AGES ..  I can breathe slowly and wait
 for the next  whisper ,but eyes wide open ......Its 11 05  pm ,I  last looked at the clock  at 11 PM .... ..It can't be  .....I was  that all night surely? the floating was a nice dream!!!   I was dancing .


Thankyou for your comments .I appreciate every one xx