Sunday, January 29, 2012

A float with the Mostest

Coming thick and fast now ,memories of my floating ,it's like greeting an old friend ..a horrible pain in the  butt old friend but familiar in a; being stuck in a fog again, and finding my way back type way .

We were flying ,but my hand  ,the right hand kept slipping from his  ,I was rollling, walking ,you know like the hunch back of Notre Dam(sp)  he was running  running ,  kept looking back ,and staring at something over my  left shoulder ...the sense of urgency to follow him was so strong,  but my  head started the roll ,  I  had to pull it together ,  I'd split again ....he hadnt noticed ...........I cry .......theres a corner coming up ,   I   cant turn right ,  I  yell in my head 'I' ll fall! '   he' s like a panther now ,his outline is a blur ...hes got my hand but not me  ...... I 'm swirling so much ,  like a fairground  Spinning top  , but no colours, just whirs   of black, white,  and grey .....thank goodness . ,colours hurt ...he's all white like marble   ,hair   black ,  hair   flying back ....he's beautiful     ...and gone ......always  goes and I  float to the top    to the left ,  to the left grab my dream of my Mill .

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