Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Causing Trouble .............

The Dairy Incident ...........I went to the dairy over the road ,like I  do at least once a day ,  (lollies !! )

Now remember  ,I  was getting things twisted as heck  ,anyway I  chose my lollies and went to pay ,  the dairy owner was on the phone an
d I  was waiting , ,now this is where the madness starts  , all of a sudden    I   thought I dont have the   right card ,and I  want some coffee,   and I  think I  need milk, and oh god   which bloody card have I  got .?  I   walked to get coffee ,I   had a browse at something  else  had a wee chat to someone walking past  ,dwadling really ..then went back to the counter ..he  started to   do the transaction   and I  whipped around ,put the lollies back and decided I   think,  to    go back and get more money ....I had coffee in my hand ? paid for and no lollies ...I   walked out of the shop and I heard him call me back...to ask did  I  pay for the lollies ....I  yelled      at him 'If    you weren't on the   bloody phone you would have been concentrating     and seen       I  put the lollies back,      you idiot and if you think I'm  coming back  to  your shop you have another think coming   he yelled'  good!    dont come back .' ..and I  came home and told   my flatemate  and tiare ,    they agreed with me I  was right to do what I    did ,,,,I  even  put it up on fb as a funny scene and saying I  was more than within my right s as he treated me so badly etc  and you all agreed too  !  .what you    dont know and what has come back to me ...he was actully waiting for me to make up my mind .....and I  guess he asked about the lollies as well,, I    guess he had every right to and he was probably soo over waiting for me .  Time goes in weird blocks for me even     now but it was worse then . I should      have wondered when tiare said to me what took you so long? I   said 'what ?I'd  only been there a few minutes ,it was more like almost half an hour ...............ps ....dairy people and I get on great again ...I  explained about the lump   they said they wondered if something was wrong ,he also apologised and yep  he WAS  wondering how much longer I   was going to be!

So there's a  big confession  ..........and sorry to all those who agreed with me ....lets blame the lump .....it wasn't me !

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  1. lollies cause soooo much trouble don't they... especially for those of us with an addiction... lol


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