Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Can Hear Her, Him, Them ,They .........but...

Right ,they are talking  about how to do something,

mmm mmm mmm mmm

What shall we have for dinner?

mmm mmm mmm mmm

Oh yes I agree

mmm mmm mmm mmm

Nod your head Kim  ,Nod your bloody head ! ...there you go !  they are smiling --- Whew!

Don't pick up the cloth to clean !..look, you are a good listener . got a prize for it as school once .

mmm mmm mmm mmm

They look clown -like.     Mouths opening and closing .   Not being rude but they close open close.

Imagine if there were four of them in a those fairgrounds .

I hate fairgrounds ,but images are always in my head?


Where the music plays that creepy melody like they show on the movies .

You see an empty lot  with one lone merry-go-round in it's garish colours and one horse is going up and down in a moonlit beam .

Fairgrounds  Hmmm

Oh shoot they're getting up ! what have I said?!   

Whew they are smiling !

I did good .............

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