Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To Wake Up Singing ........

I guess sometimes my mornings weren't/aren't  all bad .......I  wake up singing  sometimes   ,more now as I'm not floating anymore (more about that sometime) .It is  my speaking in tongues thing I  guess,  but as I like singing and some say I   have quite  nice voice ,it doesnt really phase me ...I  know it seems strange but I  have learnt to embrace some of the  new me ,  otherwise where do I go ? me  I mean  ,getting lost in another side of personality is a confusing and scary place ,so I  guess to pick the good bits out is a healing thing to do .

I open my eyes, and out comes     ;hyla myla ,tyla seela ,effy nae nae  , ista tynae ,effaa nyla , ....see my own language ! and its sung in a tune of ..well I  know the tune and you all will to but don't know how   to write up the score ,  kinda like this  la laa la la , lala lala ,la la la laa ,la lala la laa laa lala over and over again for about 2mins? ,sorry it looks and sounds weird but I  think the weirdness is ,that it's the words ,I  mean who hasn't woken up singing  in their lives huh?   hey I'm  embarraseed looking at what I' ve written ,but its singing and no one hears me , /tiare wouldnt have a clue ,and I  never sing,I  whisper if I think someone may hear me .  Well now you all know~ but just think of me being okay with it and I  will be okay with you all thinking OMG . 

See the headaches are still there when I wake ,so a bit of calming singing is good for me  untill the meds kick in , the brain is a powerful ,thing ,and my brain ,my new ,or fixed brain shows me ways of coping ,  I loathe the bad heads ,but they are kept at bay all helped by little srtategies to let me live with the changes     .I love my brain now post op   ,  Lump you really were a pain in the ass!   .........


  1. I remember how I loved to listen to you sing along with the radio when we were young and wild lol... you do have a lovely voice :)

    1. lol ,thanks susie , we wre sooo cool!!! xx


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