Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Morning , some mornings , all mornings? ? lots of mornings .........

My pillows weren't right , I could feel it as soon as the alarm did its beeping thing , my head,weird angle how that used to happen,    I don't know  , always made me think of that song 'To the left ,to the left ' god knows what it said after those words but yeah to the left  to the left ......  reaching around to my pillows ...god what a miission .....I  only had to use my arm ,but it was always stuck ..I dont know somewhere just stuck ....wave the arm  ,which one ? I think the left   ....yeah the left  because the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
old right  was sitting there looking at me a dead fat roll of cellotape actually ...some circles were there  I  think  ...hey arm!  yo ! I m a moving you now ...
Tiare has to go to school ya nut ! ...talking to arms ? but thats what we   did  me and arms ,,,,seemed normal .
OOh good pill time,  god Kim you really have to sort out your pills !! you are talking to your arms..the stuck cellotape arms that look like cellotape with circles and  and they lie there  like ,well like they do .... okay arms we are off .

A ah shoot my back and the right thing on my side ..leg thats it ..buggar now it looks lke a long toilet roll ,glad wrap type thingy ..pills K im.....stand up , sit down ,cant feel the end of the bloody thing AND the head still on the left ,   think yay  though Leg!  god where Ha ve you been and How u doin ?  pretty good now . thing at end ..yep moving  .lol!  I think

friends must have been good last night ...Yo
Joey ya helped me out there    cheers ....   and no don;t say  ,J ust don't  ..please dont .....S hit cant help it  ....sklya macca moo  ..oh f's  sake where does that come from ?     sklyla friffen macca moo ..insta looky,  it s not Me  its my mouth .. efsta naca noo ......... Choice....... speaking tongues .. .......walk out of the room  NOW  ...that  stops it remember .......  deep breath .....TIARE TIME TO GET UP !!!!!! breaky in five ........... Arggh  must have been a bad night  ....all forgotten .........Hey bub I love you ,just going to have my  pills ..  . .... bang into door on the way to kitchen ...bugga must need new close up lenses for my specs .....put jug on .............

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