Sunday, January 29, 2012

The bowel bag blues ............

yep I was a bit weird anyway ,or this body of mine is . Looks horrible written doesn't it ? but  it's real  ,my life , my pain in the ass ......or stomach as the case may be


I started ignoring it of course .   Its on my right side with the arm of cellotape  ,the leg of plastic ,and the thing at the end

time to empty  ,   oh christ I don't know where the heck the s..t is suppossed to go

Tiare is waiting ,calling 'Mum hurry up'!

C an't show my  tears.

there it's done

it makes me sick .

Absolute puzzlement ,this thing hardly phased me ,I  coped so well  ,I just did what I did ,the only worry was having enough bags ,my standby ,change every 2 days ones.

but  I'd be twisted in my clothes ,the right didn't want me to fit my things.

A flash of night  floating comes to mind

the weird walk rolling and splitting of my head

I shake that off  ,I don't want to know  ..

School  Run  Time .........

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