Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Saving Grace .......

I had  a saviour over this time  ,if it wasn't for this Angel and yes I 'll call her an angel as she does shimmer  with brightness and looks gorgeous in white

My Chris ,my friend has rung me every morning for as long as I have had my cancer .

The mornings after the night' s with the head that rolled ,with the weird walk roll,when I was floating then drowning ,and spinning ,with shadows of black and grey. The mornings when the thing at the end would. 

The phone would ring and I would get up to was like magic sometimes......

'Good morning Gorgeous ',she would say ...and my day was brighter insatantly .

She never knew how bad it was ,but remember I didn''t either.

This brain of mine could wipe things out as quick as a wave swallowing the sand .

So my saviour girl

Thankyou xx

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