Sunday, February 5, 2012

Changes and Strangeness............

When you know  you have lost a few hours in the day    ,   after   you've got up from the chair , and looked up at the time

It   starts to really play on your mind .

I'd watch other people ,looking purposeful and busy ,and think  , they were so, so lucky ....

then I'd change heads and for the rest of the time  ........I was the other people .

Except for the left and right confusion, and the head rolling night .


Elastic being pulled ,one head up  ,one head down  ,imagine the pull chewing gum  .

your hand comes up to push one side down  .  left or right  ,  to swirling  and spinning  around

and around .

I want to just stop it ,the pushing and pulling . 

so I float free ......on a carpet ,softly ,up and down,   up and down ....holding my feet for anchor ............


back to earth .

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