Thursday, February 2, 2012

Away , away ,...... from me .......

 I'd put something down and forget where  I had left it'''''''
away from 'me'

I  start to talk to somone and with a jolt I'd  realise the thought   I had , had totally gone....... away from me

I'd trip down the stairs to go outside and madly grab the rail as I felt myself fall ,like a little old lady worried about her brittle bones ...terrified ..........away from me

I'd put a pot of rice on the stove  stove and walk off and leave it until the smoke alarm beeped 
-stopped   cooking rice pretty quick '

away from me ........

Stopped     cooking and   cleaning and preening and ..well being me '

That me on the couch at 5 pm sleeping so deeply was......... going away from me

to  the night times of floating of trying to surface  from the suffocating fog that surrounded her, twisting and turning and whirling her body so she would not come back to the confusion and sadness of the first light of dawn ,that instance  of awareness  ,  I always  yearned  for a sign that it would just be  a normal day ,but

I kept going......... away from'me'

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